Monday, October 21, 2013

Let's Act Dumb Together!

I'm still recuperating from the five day weekend that just ended for me. My husband and I made the two and a half hour trek to visit Melissa from It Blossoms and her little monster, Madison. The official purpose of the visit was for Madison's third birthday party, but really Melissa and I wanted to get together and act stupid together (which appears to be our specialty). I originally met these two at my brother's wedding (Melissa was my sister-in-law's matron of honor) and we hit it off instantly! It only adds to the our instant friendship that her daughter is the cutest and sweetest thing on the planet!

Despite our current rough living situation, my husband has baby fever worse than any woman I know. He's perfectly aware that we are not financially able to support one, so he doesn't push the matter. However, he will gush over a kid in a stroller like no one's business! The first thing my adorable man does when we get to Melissa's is sit down in the middle of the living room floor and start playing with little Madison (and the cat)! He was absolutely amazing with her! In no time she was calling him "best friend". Which may have also been because she couldn't remember which of us was Jesse and which was Beth. Here's a quick photo-dump from Instagram of how cute these two are together:

Our thoughts quickly turned to party decorations and how to bring Melissa's beautiful, Pinterest-inspired ideas to life! Sadly, all the pictures I took of the party didn't do the decorations justice because of the lighting. It was all perfect! Madison had a breathtaking princess party that any three year old would envy! She even had an entire room that we filled the floor with balloons for her and the other kids to play in! Everyone (including my man-child) had a ball! It was a par-tatty to remember!

I think she liked the present I made for her. I revealed it last week in my Make it! -Monday post. It's supposed to be a yarn basket for her to put her little figurines in. She, however, thinks it's a hat, which is truly freaking adorable!

I can't help how ador-y-ble I am!

An interesting fact that I learned recently is that Madison was born on her father's birthday. So there wasn't just one cake, but two! Needless to say, I'm not going to do a weigh in after all I ate this weekend!  Madison's came from Target and it turned out perfect!

I attempted to help Melissa make Mike's cake, which was a conquest that went up in flames (no actual fire, though). It is an occasion that is now known as the disaster cake. Madison, however, enjoyed my disaster cake, saying, "It's a disaster Beth cake and I like it!"

Luckily, my husband is  very handy in the kitchen and baked, cut, and decorated the cake Melissa was hoping for.

Between all the Malibu in pineapple juice (which I am now addicted to, thanks to Melissa) and cake in my face, I had an amazing weekend! I can't wait to see what the next adventure we plan will be!

Want to see just how ador-y-able Madison can be? Check out her Halloween costume photoshoot!


  1. I'm so glad that you and Melissa had a good time this weekend! I'm jealous! :P

    1. It was awesome! At least you were able to see everything through face time! It probably did it more justice than the pictures.


  2. AH! You linked my blog to the fake! Mine has a - between Love & Always :) So it's <333

    I'm so glad you guys came out. We had such an amazing few days. Can't wait for ya'll to do it again. :D

    1. Haha! I knew that, actually. I'll fix it now and double check my other posts for blonde moments =P