Monday, October 14, 2013

Make It! -Monday

Today is the first Monday that I will be doing Make It! -Monday. So just stick with me if it's a little bumpy this go!  The idea is to display my current or recent projects, and if enough interest is given in a specific one then I'll do a tutorial on it (or whatever you want me to do - just let me know)! Next time I do Make It! -Monday I may have way more items, or I may have less. I might do this again next Monday, or six Mondays from now. Let me know your thoughts on that!

"You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream."

My first project that I'm going to display, I only showed a small preview of on my Instagram and Twitter. This will be the first time I show the whole thing! I made it as a birthday present for Melissa's adorable daughter. She loves pink and Mini Mouse! So I tried to combine those things (with the supplies on hand) to the best of my abilities. Here's the super easy pattern for the bow: Click Me!

My next piece of handiwork is a basket made from a pair of jersey lounging pants. It didn't take me long to cut them up, and even less time to crochet them into the basket. The actual crocheting only took me the duration of The Lion King. I'm going to stuff it full of goodies and give it to my father-in-law (whose bedroom and bathroom are of the same color) for Christmas.

The final picture I'm putting up is my in progress work. It will be another basket (Yes, I am on a big basket kick right now.) but this is yet another way to make one! I'm crocheting with yarn around fabric. It's sort of a combination of the other two methods I've done, I guess. The fabric is zebra (I lovelovelove zebra and use it whenever I can) and the yarn is neon green and blue. I'll be making this as a Christmas present for one of my cousins who I think will appreciate the eccentricity of it.

Sorry for the low quality of some of these pictures. I need to get out of the habit of depending on my cell phone and Instagram for my shots!


    I also really think I'm going to try making a rug.. hm... eventually!

    1. I'm glad you like it! It's probably my favorite thing I've made in a good while.
      Rugs are super easy to make too...I've made a couple. Are you thinking about doing it with fabric or yarn? Either way I have a few patterns (at least I hope they're patterns and not just pretty pictures) on Pinterest!

    2. Not quite sure what you mean.. Lol. I've seen rugs made with crocheting yarn and fabric like you did with the zebra basket. :)

    3. =0 I'll post some links to some different tutorials using different materials. It'll blow your mind what all you can use!