Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Dainty Heart Ear Cuff

In order to avoid cleaning the house, I've been flipping through my Pinterest trying to find something to make. Finally, I stumbled across a picture of an ear cuff and in typical Beth fashion, I decided that I can totally make that.

I think it's pretty freaking cute! First, I dug into my endless basket of wonders and pulled out my jewelry wire.

And then I cut off a piece that was a few inches long. It may take a few experiments to figure out what length works best with your ear. Then I folded the cut wire in half.

Then I folded out the ends like this:

Then curved them in to form a heart.

I twisted the little tail from the excess wire around the base of the heart to hold it together better.

I then carefully curved the long end up to form the actual cuff.

And then BAM. I'm done. Pretty easy, right? I'm very happy with it. I made a smaller one to try and fit onto my tragus, but that part of my ear is so small it would've taken a bucket of glue to keep it there. Making a smaller one, however, is still pretty easy.

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