Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Cheshire Cat Grin

 I'm a crazy cat lady and I'm not afraid to admit it.  I believe it is time for introductions.

She's the oldest and most evil of all our fluffer-loves. She's Jesse's sunshine. He got her our freshman year of college, when we were separated by several hours. Part of me thinks this rude kitty is the only thing that kept him from going into a deep depression.

He definitely lives us to his name. I got him and his brother a few years ago, and he's had me pulling out my hair ever since!  His name started out as just a joke. I would say "here comes trouble!" Or I would hear a crashing noise, Jesse would ask what that sound was, and I would simply roll my eyes and say it was "trouble". The descriptive factor soon stuck as the perfect name.

The sibling to Trouble, though you would've never guessed it. When I got him, he was a runt who's body was about the size of his head. He looked absolutely disgusting. My husband didn't want me to bring him home because he feared he wouldn't make it and didn't want me to get my heart broken. He's now happy and healthy, even if he's my "special kitty". Special in the way Forest Gump is special. He even has a little bobtail that he wiggles around when he's happy!

Miss Kitty.
Really original name, I know. It's not our fault, though. We adopted her from a friend who couldn't keep her anymore. It's his fault that she's named this: he named her Kitten. She then grew up from Kitten to Miss Kitty. I'm not going to lie, she's probably the dumbest cat I've ever seen.

When you don't get your cats spayed and/or neutered, you end up with kittens. That's how Jesse and I got our three bundles of chaos. Lulu and Trouble got past their differences in order to get it on and further their species. Mischief is obviously Trouble's little girl with all of her shenanigans. She was the first kitten that he would get near when they were born and he has adored her ever since.

Fred and George.
Even though their personalities can be so different, these twins can still be so much the same!  They truly are as their namesakes suggest: they solemnly swear they are up to no good. It seems that Jesse and I are the only ones who can tell them apart (and we can do so at a good distance away) and everyone else simply refers to them as "the twins".

Here are some more memorable shots:

All photos are from my Instagram. Check it out for more fluffiness!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS all of your babies are SOO adorable!! So happy to hear that you guys took Kulu in and got him to be a healthy boy! Cats really are one of the best companions, I wasn't always a cat person until we got our naked kitty but now I can't get enough of their sassy behavior and cuddles.

    1. It's definitely weird how much a person can fall in love with how rude a cat is! I enjoy every single little quark of their personalities. They are amazing companions!