Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Mouse in the Tea Kettle

Do you remember in the animated version of Alice in Wonderland the mouse that the Mad Hatter partied with? The one that chilled in the tea kettle and looked half drunk?

Yeah, that one. Whenever he spoke he sort of swayed around and looked like he was about to lose his lunch. That's about how I feel right now. Not that I'm smashed in any way, shape, or form. I just feel completely icky today. I had been doing so much better health wise, too, so it is especially making me want to go back to bed today. It doesn't help I'm completely and utterly exhausted. My husband is the epitome of a night owl and cannot go to sleep unless it's technically tomorrow. Then, however, I have to be up before the sun to help get him and everyone else in the house showered and going for the day.  By the time he's heading out the door, I've already got my coffee and am snuggling down onto the couch to blog and in no mood to go back to bed.

Except for today.

I want to go back to sleep so bad! However, there is so much housework looming over me that it's overwhelming.  Plus my husband thinks that him having to leave for work so early gives him an excuse to brush off his only household chore of feeding the crazy cats. Sorry, Honey, but that's not going to last. I love my fluffer-loves to death, but they're driving me insane.  I've never seen such a mess as what those cats have created. Currently, we are storing our seven cats in the trailer that used to be my in-laws house. They have blankets, beds, litter boxes, food, water, and anything else they want except the outdoors because they are simply indoor cats. They don't know anything else! So once they learned how to break out of the house, they thought they were hot stuff.  Each time we fix their escape route, they find another. They even chewed a hole through the door at one point! A HOLE THROUGH THE DOOR. Yeah. I told you they were crazy. Their current means of exit is through a window that we've already had to seal up with chicken wire.

So feeding the cats also entails catching the cats, something that my sick butt is truly not feeling up to right now.  A few of them are very easy to get a hold of because they'll walk right up to you in a "pleasepetme pleasepetme pleasepetme" sort of way. We have a couple who are runners, but they will come to the sound of food. But then I have one little girl, named Mischief, who likes to play "catch me if you can". She will run within a food of you and as soon as you bend over to pick her up, she's off again.  She will sit in briars and stare at you.  Climb a tree and meow at you.  It typically takes half an hour or more to catch the little devil.

Mischief (front) and her daddy, Trouble

But because I love the little fur-babies and I hate the idea of making them wait for food until Jesse gets home in five hours, I'll stumble up there and figure something out. 


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