Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's In My Camera Bag

I've seen a few "What's in my purse" posts floating around, and since I currently cannot find my purse (yes, please, freak out with me - it's been gone for awhile now), I've decided to switch my focus onto my beloved camera bag. Of course the main attraction of my camera bag is my main camera, which I could not take a picture of since I was using it today. So here's an old picture that won't match the rest:

Nikon D3000 with a 35mm lens. Aka: my baby.

Here's the scene of the crime (my camera bag). It's not exactly clean inside because I've gotten into a really horrible habit of tossing random crap in it and not putting things away in their actual place. It's a Caboodles bag that I found among the makeup bags in Walmart. It opens up wide and has a ton of pockets in it. I immediately knew it would be perfect for my equipment. I made up some dividers and added them into it with velcro (so they could be rearranged if necessary), and voila! DIY camera bag from a purse!

I'm going to save you from the cringe-worthy disaster that is the inside of my bag right now, and lay everything out.

Looks like one of my hooligans wants to play. Go away, Miss Kitty, I'm working! Okay, now that I've got that gigantic lump of fur out of the way...

Yes, George, I know it's bad in there. Now go play off the porch, you damn escape artist! I think I'll finally be able to get a kitty-less picture now...

1. Ilford black and white film left over from a photography class I took last year.
2. My Cannon Rebel (film).
3. My Nikon's macro lens.
4. Lens hood.
5. Bobby pins (I do a lot of model shots outdoors...never know when you'll need them!)
6. Zeikos filter lenses.
7. The top part of my tripod.
8. A Nikon brand lens cleaning pen.
9. Vivitar close up lenses.
10. Nikon battery charger.
11. An extra battery for my Nikon (that I need to charge...)
12. An extra lens cap.
13. Extra pens.
14. Handy dandy jump drive.


  1. Wow you have quite an assortment! I just love the two kitties also. So cute!
    Stopping by from "Showing Some Love Hump Day". Following via Bloglovin.
    Have a great day :)
    Bismah @

    1. You've always got to be prepared! Haha.
      And my kitties are ALWAYS into EVERYTHING. Little troublemakers!

      Thank you for stopping by!