Monday, October 14, 2013

Life Upside-Down

I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.
- Alice

I can't believe how much of a positive effect this blog is already having on me! I'm happy right now. My life is moving forward and I'm okay with that. Blogging is giving me a purpose in my purposeless life right now. It's allowing me to get out all of the nonsense that's floating around in my brain.

It's odd for me to be this happy at all because of my depression. I have suffered with it since I was about middle school age and have recently gone through a very bad low. I'm on some medication that isn't exactly cutting it, but from where I moved I won't be able to go bad to my doctor. I'm very skeptical of new doctors, however, because I've had some horrible experiences with them (most of which consisted of them telling me it was all in my head). This one was the first one I liked and trusted.

I think the part of blogging that has had the largest effect on me, though, was the community. You get a peek into the hub-bub of other lovely ladies' lives and see that you are not alone in the chaos. Furthermore, everyone is so sweet and supportive! Last night I was surprised to see an email on my phone from a commenter on one of my posts. It was a sweetie named Louise from Baby Gates Down. She was wishes me success in my blog and marriage. How cool is that?!

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