Saturday, December 27, 2014

Just One More Cup

Is it healthy to be this excited about a new vacuum? Who am I kidding! I have three cats and a messy husband, of course it is! My floor looks amazing, by the way. My mother-in-law gave us an amazing Eureka vacuum that kicks my old Dirt Devil's butt! Half the vacuum's tank is already full after one quick run over our floor rug!

Speaking of coffee - someone did say something about coffee, right? - I promised the husband I would cut back on the caffeine after the Christmas stress was done. Should be easy with my nearly ten bags of coffee plus the espresso covered everything I received over Christmas. I've been chugging down two cups plus a latte a day for the past couple weeks. I can't wait to show off my new espresso maker!

By the way, I'm calling it now: biscotti is going to be the new cupcakes. You know how cupcakes were everywhere for the longest time? Instead of cupcake towers, there will be biscotti trees. Calling it!

Just about everything I got this year was Kahlua, coffee, or Halloween themed. Only I would get Halloween themed gifts for Christmas! All the gifts I handed out appeared to go over well. To continue the tradition I started a few years ago, I gave out bottles of trail mix. I also gave out a few jade plants that were clipped and rooted from my own plant. The biggest hit was probably the crochet beer mitt I put into the dirty Santa at my grandma's. Yes, I said crochet beer mitt. It's like a glove that is also a beer cozy. After the craze at the party, I will probably be adding them to my shop!

Also, check out Kulu's new winter wear! He looks so dapper!

Four generations of insanity. My grandma, aunt, first cousin, and second cousin. Love my family!

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