Monday, December 29, 2014

Free Crochet Converse Pattern

I guess this Christmas season has me in the giving spirit! Here's another free pattern!!! These crochet Converse have been gracing my shop on and off for a year now, but I've grown tired of them and will be retiring them soon. So, here they are free for you!

Hook G

ss= slip stitch          ch= chain          hdc= half double crochet          dec= decrease         
fpdc= front post double crochet          sc= single crochet

  1. Start with white (or whatever color you're using for the sole and toe part of the shoe) and chain 3, attach at first chain with ss to create a circle. 
  2. Hdc through the circle ten times. 
  3. Crochet (two hdc in one stitch followed by one hdc in the next stitch)*. Repeat * around. 
  4. Crochet one hdc in each stitch around except for three sets of two hdc per stitch at opposite poles to create an oval shape. Placing markers at these poles will help to keep your stitching clean and organized. You will be using these poles on a later step, also.
    1. for sizes 5 and 6, do this once
    2. for sizes 7 and 8, do this twice
    3. for size 9 and 10, do this three times
  5. Hdc around four times
  6. Ch 1 and turn
  7. Hdc to opposite pole with ch1 and turn at ends.
    1. Do this 13 times for size 5. 
    2. 14 times for size 6.
    3. 15 times for size 7.
    4. 16 times for size 8.
    5. 17 times for size 9. 
    6. 18 times for size 10. 
  8.  Hdc to the center of the poles and (dec twice followed by one hdc)*. Repeat * to end of round. 
    1. Repeat this six times. Do not crochet stitches at beginning and end of the last row.
  9. Switch to the color you want your Converse to be. 
  10. Skip one and hdc around (skip one at corner of heel).
  11. Switch back to white (or whatever color you're using for the sole and toe part of the shoe) with a ss.
  12. Ch 2 and hdc to the toe cap. Attach to the toe cap with a fpdc.
  13. Switch to your color and hdc to other side of toe cap. 
  14. Switch back to white, or equivalent, and fpdc once to toe cap. Then hdc until you reach your ch 2 from #12. 
  15. Switch to your color and ss in 2nd chain in ch 2.
  16. Hdc to first corner of toe cap, dec across toe cap, hdc around, and then ss in the 2nd chain of ch 2, then ch 2. Repeat this two more times. 
  17. Hdc around and ss in 2nd chain of ch 2, then tie off.
  18. For the tongue:
    1. Go one row up from your white toe cap and use color to sc from one st away from white line to opposite side. 
    2. Ch 1 and turn and sc across. Repeat this nine more times.
      1. On the last row, ss the corners onto the body of the slipper. 
    3. Tie off. 
  19. For laces: ch 85. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Also, if you're not a big crocheter but would like to purchase these slippers, purchase them here or if they've left my shop feel free to submit a custom order to my Etsy shop for it. I'll be more than happy to make it for you!

If you're interested in more patterns, I have several for sale through my Etsy shop

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