Friday, November 14, 2014

Broke Girl's Guide to Autumn Decorations

Halloween, my favorite holiday, has ended and now I must take all my decorations down and transition to an autumn theme. I use my Halloween decorations, as seen in Broke Girl's Guide to Halloween, as a basis to make for easy changes.

I kept the same wreath outside. I moved the witch's broom to the garden and took the tentacles out of the moss and put them into my storage bin for next year (see what I'm talking about here).

I exchanged my Halloween chalkboard art on my fridge for an autumn themed one, from Nest of Posies. Next to my front door, there's this long, thin wall that is simply too empty. I had an idea of crocheting a skinny wall hanging. I'm not sure if I like it, but it will do until time for Christmas decorations to go up.

I exchanged my Halloween silhouettes for rustic framed leaves

My Halloween printable that was framed between my two windows has been switched out for a paper wreath in autumn colors.

The pom-pom garland that was inspired by My Fabuless Life was replaced by paper leaves inspired by Money Saving Mom.

My windowsills had to remain cat friendly, so my zombie brains became pine cones.They can't break these!

For our entertainment center, I filled up the area between our Xbox and Playstation with yarn wrapped bottles. I'm planning on switching these out for different colors year-round.

Isn't it all so cute! The best part is that I spent NO MONEY! This was all from things I could find around the house or free off the internet. If I keep adding to my decoration stash every year than I'll have a perfect arsenal by the time I have children.

Now to start plotting for Christmas...

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