Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pinterest Round-Up: Recipes

Pinterest makes me hungry. Very hungry. I can not tell you how often I see recipes on there that I have to try! Below is a selection of recipes that have stuck out to me. I linked them to their pins, and checked that all pins go to the correct link. Pin away!

I've actually made these before and they are AMAZING! The husband went crazy for them.

I know it looks gross, but it's dumpling pasta and goes with everything. I made this when we were running out of groceries and I had to work off of a couple pantry staples. It works as a side or a main course.

I love Cheeze-Its in an unholy way. I can eat a whole box in one sitting...and that's not an exaggerating. Now, I have found a recipe for them that is dairy free? That makes my hole-where-my-gallbladder-used-to-be very happy! I hope to be able to try this recipe soon. 

My husband and I are both bread people, which in turn means we are both sandwich people. Lately I've been trying to expand my baking skills (see the pretzel buns above) and make different types of bread. This lovely loaf is on my to-do list!

The husband man loves making soup. And he loves meat. This bacon cheeseburger soup is on both of our "to-try" lists.

Check out my three Pinterest recipe boards:

I also have one for cooking tips!

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