Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fat Fred (Pet's Are People Too!)

Jade and Oak

My cat is getting fat. Seriously. He's obese now.  I've introduced Fred before.  He is half of our terrible two and is named after the one and only Fred Weasley.  I've also explained our cats' current living situation before.  All seven of them live (with the current exception of injured Trouble) in my in-laws old trailer, where they have shelter and warmth and the hubs brings them food and water daily. The majority of them have also decided they would no longer like to be inside cats and have begun to escape on a daily basis. They've done very well with this, so the we've decided we'll let them stay outside as long as we make sure they get some food and water every morning.  Fred is one of the only ones who never escapes. Instead of running around in the sunshine with his family, he would rather sit in the house and eat all the food that everyone else left behind. Therefore, he is now known as Fat Fred.

That's not fluffy fur you see there. That's pure, manly cat fat.

"I look small compared to the tree..."

"If I lay down like this then you can't even tell I've put on some holiday weight!"

Twinsie George (right) wanted to come say hello

George's eyes are a different color than Fred's! He's also much thinner...

Momma cat, Lulu, came down to make sure everyone is behaving.


  1. Well even if he's Fat Fred, he still is a handsome fellow. So excited to see so many other cat momma's :)

  2. Fred is so cute!!! And so are the others! Love seeing kitties in good homes.

  3. LOVE the name inspirations. The dog I grew up with still lives at home with my parents and siblings, but she is getting waaaaaaay fat. I swear every time I go home she's gained weight, haha. I wish I weren't allergic and could have a cat myself!

  4. aww so cute. and he doesn't look fat. he's just pleasantly plump ha. thanks for linking up with us! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. They have such pretty colouring!

  6. ah so precious!! I wish we had trained our cats to be indoor/outdoor but I'm such a paranoid animal mom and I'd probably have so much anxiety when they were outside!