Friday, March 13, 2015

Heart and Soles

"I know when I buy handmade, it was made with love," Amy from Heart and Soles said when asked why she thinks it is important to shop handmade. If a customer is going to spend money on a gift or on themselves, it is important for the item they get in return to be special. Amy wants her customers to know that when they receive their item from her and her husband, it was made with them in mind. She goes on to say that she would rather purchase handmade items herself because she would rather know her money goes directly into the pockets of the creators. It would put food on the table or help cloth children rather than go to a big box store.

The shoes purchased from Heart and Soles goes further to show Amy's desire to give her customers something special. Every item Amy and her husband create is a custom order and a reflection of their amazing customers. It was through custom creations that Heart and Soles came to be, allowing custom works to be the fuel to their success. After finding no items for Regular Show, a favorite of her nephew, Amy began to search for inspiration. She poured through Pinterest and YouTube and she found a video on how to paint shoes. She turned to her husband, who was talented at sketching and drawing, and after some convincing he drew a design from Regular Show on a pair of shoes. Amy painted them and proudly posted their creation onto Facebook, where her family and friends saw them and wanted designs of their own.

However, suddenly taking orders for custom shoes after one pair can have its drawbacks. Amy and her husband had to learn their trade by trial and error. "To this day, I'm not always sure what I'm doing. I just kind of do what feels right," she comments. She admits that when she feels she's being stumped by a pair, she turns to her husband who knows the basics of art. He had some learning to do as well; he had to figure out how to adjust his style of drawing and adjust it to the canvas of shoes. For him, however, it seems enough to be drawing with a purpose. He has been able to transfer his skills of doodling in the margins during schools to sketching on personalized shoes for money. And while her husband puts all he has into every shoe with his pencil, Amy turns to her paints in order to pour herself into the creation as well. She sees a blank surface of shoes and revels in the possibility for her to paint in the endless spectrum of colors available.

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