Saturday, January 31, 2015

Don't Become an Overwhelmed Blogger

About a year ago I fell off the blogging map and didn't return until last October. I've spoken about this once or twice, but I think it's time that I address the issues - and resolutions - behind my disappearance.

So here is my How-To on how to NOT become an overwhelmed blogger.

  1. Start with a blogging schedule that works for you. This is different than setting a (realistic) goal of how often you want to be blogging. This is setting a schedule that works with your life and current blogging habits. Start off 2-3 times a week and work up from there every 2 weeks to a month. Blogging is very time consuming, but it doesn't need to be life consuming. I have found that the Google+ calendar works amazing for me.
  2. If you find yourself with excess time that you want to put into blogging, be sure to stick with your schedule. Don't post it right away. If you have decided on posting three times a week and have already written your three, schedule your newest post the next week. I cannot emphasize this enough. This could very well be what did me in. I was so inspired when I began blogging that I would post more than once a day and wanted to keep that up once I lost that inspiration. I wore myself out. If I had known to schedule those for later days, I would have had a time when my posts were still being published that I had to become inspired again!
  3. Plan for your how-to / listing posts to be published a month or more after you write it. I say this because I guarantee that you'll think of something else that you wish you would've added in that month. This extra buffer time allows for the best post you can get! Also, you probably shouldn't schedule it until you have five if you're going for a "list".
  4. Set an action plan for when a post goes up. Have a list of exactly what you want to do when your post goes up on your blog. Tweet, Pinterest, etc. That you you check check them off and won't forget anything! 
  5. Write down your ideas. Keep a running list on your phone and your computer of ideas you think of during the day (as well as the pesky ones that wake you up at night). You can pull inspiration out of the tiniest things that happen during your day - the types of things that flutter out of your brain by the time you sit down. I even write down random thoughts I have. Do you realize how many blog posts are grown out of lists of random thought? 
What do you do to keep from becoming overwhelmed by blogging?

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