Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Grim

 I've watched the Harry Potter movies so many times that whenever I say "Let's watch a movie!" my husband says "Not Harry Potter." Don't get me wrong, he loves them as much as the next Muggle with wizard-envy, he just isn't a fanatic like I am.

I'm currently working my way through another movie marathon, like I do every few months. Last night we were watching Prisoner of Azkaban when the hubby suggested that maybe the grim in Harry's tea cup was a prediction of Serius's death. Even though what he said may have a good point behind it, I didn't want to hear it over the ache in my heart.

He kept going in his "I want to make Beth cry" rampage and said:

"Do you think George gets sad when he has no one to speak in unison with?"
 How could you say such a thing?!
For those of you who don't know me well, Luna is completely and utterly my favorite HP character. She's just amazing. And the husband says I'm actually a lot like her.

 And beware if you watch the movies with me when you haven't read the books. You'll get a whole lot of "well, in the books this happened."

My husband posed a question to me, and I'm going to ask all you in the blogosphere because it was a tough one:
"If you could be part of the wizarding world, but the only way you could would be in you were a house elf, would you do it?"
Harry Potter link-up
  Thank you, Louis, for this wonderful link-up!

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