Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pinterest Round-Up: Rug Edition

Melissa and I were talking about how she wanted to make a rug, and that sent me down the rabbit hole of different materials you can make one out of.

What I love on Pinterest: rug edition

The easiest floor rug to make is from sheets. You can see a tutorial here if you would like.

But did you know you can use wire in it too? See how to here!

You can also make one out of chip bags. Sadly, I didn't find any tutorial, but I do have the picture!

Thick yarn is probably one of my favorites to make a rug out of...nice and cozy. This picture is from VivaTerra.

And here's another one from Etsy, though I couldn't find the link directly to it.

Here's a lovely lacy one from Ralvery, also made of yarn (though thinner than the ones above). 

There is also the yarn + fabric method, similar to my green and zebra bag. Here's a tutorial for that, if you would like to see it. It's not in English, but the pictures are good and there's always Google Translate!

Want to see more of my inspiration for crocheting? Check out my crocheting board on Pinterest!

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!

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