Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Want To Make A Sweater For My Cat

Yes, I said it. I want to make a sweater for my cat. I've been seeing the cutest doggie costumes all over my Bloglovin home page and it's killing me! No matter how hard I try though, the hubby refuses to let me have a dog. Maybe it's because we already have seven cats? Or maybe it's because I only want scrunched faced little dogs, like a pug or and English bull dog. But they're so freaking cute! So I must resort to the next best thing: dressing up one of my cats. I'd say, statistically speaking of course, that six out of seven cats would not stand for such shenanigans. That is, if the statistics are based on a world where all cats were just like mine. Wow, what a crazy horrible wonderful world that would be.

Luckily, I have that seventh cat. He's a little, bobtailed, blue eyed, Sacred Birman named Kulu.

He's sort of the village idiot and allows me to get away with far too much. Like dressing him up.

So my victim has been decided on. Now I must decide on my ammo. I turn to trusty Pinterest, because what better method is there? Wow. So this is starting to turn into a What I Love On Pinterest: Cat Sweater Edition...more like Crazy Cat Lady Edition. Moving on.

Ideally, it would look as awesome as this. Except back with studs and safety pins and all punk and whatnot. I'm getting carried away. Kulu could never pull off such a dramatic statement, even at Halloween.

Or perhaps I can make this...except Batman. I love Batman. KULU COULD BE BATMAN FOR HALLOWEEN! My dreams have been realized.

Chances are, however, if I can 1. convince the hubby to let me make Kulu an outfit for Halloween and 2. had the skills to make it TODAY (since today is Halloween and this is a major whim issue) then the sweater would probably look more like this: 

I would totally dress up my fluffer-love like a candy corn! That could be an outfit that would be in-season all fall long! But what about winter? I think I have the winner right here!

That poor kitty looks as uncomfortable as I am looking at him. Really, all this digging into Pinterest has taught me is that I want this sweater for myself:

Yeap, that's definitely a necessity. Okay that's enough crazy cat lady for today... Follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram to see what I finally do!


  1. That is awesome lol The one is superman sweater looks like my cat. I say mine is the real life Garfield. He is a 19lb orange and white tabby. My hubby is a firefighter, and my grandma found a firefighter pet costume at the $1 store that she said she had to get my kitty. I was only able to get it on him for pics. He did not want it on lol

    1. That is too funny! I have two orange and white twins. One of them has gotten disgustingly fat recently because he has taken it upon himself to eat all the food. I would love to see the pictures of the fire-fighting kitty!

  2. I don't know if you're big into Star Wars but my boyfriend named our cat after a character from that damn movie and wants me to knit a sith robe for him that he wears in the movie. Problem is that I have no idea how to knit/sew LOL. That superman sweater is precious, I want a Thor one for our hairless monster.

    1. That is too hilarious! Yes, actually I do love Star Wars. I'm not sure how much more of the nerding fandom our cat names can take. Kulu is short for Kulaan which in the dragon language from the Elder Scrolls series means Prince. He thinks he's royalty at least! And then our twins, Fred and George, are named after the Weasley twins from Harry Potter. It was the best way to convince my husband to name their sister Mischief. I would tell him that the twins were "managing Mischief"!