Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Top Traffic Sources

After reviewing my stats, I've compiled this list of my top 5 traffic sources with the hopes of helping other bloggers improve their advertising / sharing strategies!

  1. Pinterest
    1. Recently, I've seen other bloggers comment on the fact that they are receiving less traffic from Pinterest. However, I've seen no difference and Pinterest still remains my #1 best traffic source of all time. Although, I must add that I have had other sources beat it out over short-term stretches.
  2. Bloglovin.
    1. Unless you're new to the blogging game, you know what a huge asset Bloglovin is to the blogging game. It's my personal go-to site for following, reading, and organizing the blogs I love. Whenever I redesign my blog, I'm always sure that my Bloglovin link is easily located with my social media icons due to the fact that it is equally as important (if not more). 
  3. Google+
    1. Not a lot of bloggers consider Google+ as much of an asset as it is. If you find the right communities of bloggers, you can get a lot of views, comments, and shares. My top two Google+ blogging communities are Share the Blogging Love and Female Geek Bloggers
  4. Facebook
    1. I didn't create the Facebook page for LWC Wonderland until later in the game. Once I finally did, I was so pleased with it. I love being able to schedule my posts and let it ride out. I compensated for the delay by posting all of my old posts on Fridays as Flashback Fridays.
  5. Link-Ups and Blog Hops
    1. I participate in several Link-Ups and Blog Hops a week. Sometimes I get a lot of hits, other times only one or two. Depends on the crowd and how quickly I get to add my link.

What is your best traffic source? Are there any different ways that your bring extra traffic to your blog?

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