Thursday, November 27, 2014

Why I'm Avoiding My Family This Holiday Season

 It's nothing personal, but I might be guilty of avoiding my family right now. At least the slightly further out branches. This past year or two has been ridiculous and full of the weirdest curve balls. Anyone who isn't within the most immediate family either doesn't know or doesn't fully understand my situation.

You know, the accidentally dropping out of nursing school and becoming an artist and writer situation. Imagine explaining that one to your great-aunt Mary Sue and not coming across as just another typical failure from my generation.

Between being asked "So are you still in school?" and "Where are you working now and days?" and "How's newlywed life?" I'm ripping my hair out. When will they stop asking these questions? Will they stop asking these questions?

Short of moving to Texas (I seriously day dream about this...especially this time of year), the best I can do to keep my sanity is to avoid large family gatherings when I can.

I know this may seem weird and really rude, but I can't stress enough how overwhelmed I get when questioned about my life. I'm socially awkward enough without that!

So until I can confidently [*scoff*] answer great-aunt Mary Sue's constant questioning and judgmental looks, I will sit in a Christmas tree lit room drinking latte's and dreaming of Texas.

Okay that's enough rambling for me...I promise I'm not drunk.

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