Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Clear Proof of Acne Control

I just finished my month long trial of the Clear Proof acne system, complimentary from Mary Kay and Influenster!

My biggest skin concern is definitely acne. I struggled with it as a teen and for some reason I thought that as soon as I turned 18, it would clear up! Obviously, four years have passed and I still have a pizza face. Below is pictured all of my current products for fighting acne. I have to mix it up often. Yes, that is toothpaste and VapoRub. I'm not ashamed.

First Impression:
Yeah, that before picture is pretty bad. Thank goodness for the foundation from my first Voxbox to cover that up. It's mid-October and I've begun my one month trial of Clear Proof. When I applied the first step (the face wash) I was genuinely surprised by how scentless it was. I'm used to citrus face washes and chemically smelling face washes...but this was honestly odorless. By the time I finished all four steps, my face felt as soft as a baby's bottom (and cleaner, too)!

24 Hours Out:
I can see a change in the level of redness and some of the pimples appear smaller. Oil control is improved, as well. However, my deep cystic acne hasn't shown any change and the really bad spots under my jawline are still disgustingly disgusting. I might even be breaking out worse there. My nurse-mom always warned me that when trying out a new acne treatment it might worsen your acne at first because it's "pulling out all the bad junk". I'm not sure the truth behind this, but I've always tried to see if new cleansers will get past the making-my-skin-worse phase.

First Week:
I've been using this system for a week now, and there hasn't been a huge difference. The small red pimples have decreased, no whiteheads, and smaller blackheads. However, my cystic acne may even be worse - hence the huge red spot on my cheek. The area under my jawline hasn't improved either.

Second Week:
It's been two weeks since I began using the Clear Proof system. I'm desperately hoping that my mother's theory is correct, or else I might have to give up on this acne system. Although my cystic acne is actually improving, the typical acne is much worse! Both sides of my chin and under my jaw appears very inflamed with several whiteheads. I am very thankful for how light the moisturizer is, though. My typically oily skin has stayed at a very reasonable level.

Third Week:
My skin is clearer than it was last week, but it is worse when compared to day one. My cystic acne is almost gone, but my typical acne is very inflamed and my blackheads are making a comeback. I'm hoping that since there  is an improvement since last week, that there will be more improvements in the final week. Good news is that my skin is super soft and not may even be on the drier side.

Fourth Week: 
I am surprised to say that this review has a bit of a twist ending! Turns out my mom was right when she said that I needed to give acne treatments time to "pull out all the crap". Most of the redness seen in the pictures is scarring that is fading quickly. I only have a few actual pimples left. Almost all of my cystic acne has smoothed out. I'm honestly satisfied with the direction my skin is going. It's almost glowing!

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In summary, after completing the four week trial of Clear Proof I think my skin may be on its way to improvement. Looking a side-by-side photos of day one and week four isn't very impressive, but I can't explain how different the feel of my skin is. My oily skin is under control, but is also moisturized and super smooth. Though there is a bit of scarring from the horrible breakouts that occurred during the month, I can see them fade more every day. I have high hopes for this acne system and I'm planning on posting an update in a month so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Two Month Update!

I'm still seeing improvement in the clarity of my skin. I'm having some issues with dry skin on my forehead, so I've stopped using the second step of the system on it. I'm still having issues with some whiteheads popping up on the top of my skin, but I've seen improvement in my cystic acne and blackheads. My scarring is still bad, but is very slowly fading.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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