Monday, December 9, 2013

Upcycle A Layered Sweater to a Cardigan

Yes, I do have a thing for cardigans. I've been on an epic quest searching for the perfect one for years. Today, I'm taking a pre-layered sweater (one of those with the white collar and end sleeve things) and turning it into a simple cardigan.

Personally, I think shirts like this are a choking hazard.  They're always very constricting around the neck (I'm not a turtle neck fan). And what are those weird things at the ends of the sleeves?

Besides, since this was a hand-me-down from the MIL, it's a petite medium. I am neither petite nor a medium. So something is going to have to give with this sweater.

So I whip out my seam ripper and get to removing all the white fabric.

It looks worlds better already!

 Then I cut straight down the front. Luckily I had the diamond pattern to help guide my straight line. I took it to the sewing machine and hemmed the front edge.

I love it! It's the perfect pop of red for the holidays.

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