Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tshirt Scarf Tutorial

 I finally gave in and decided to do a tshirt scarf tutorial. I'm not a huge scarf fan (gasp) but I thought these were adorable and very versatile.  Plus I had these three matching tank tops that the MIL (mother-in-law) got from her mother. We're a family of hand-me-downers, what can I say?

So let's start with the pink one, shall we?

I start by cutting off the sleeves, leaving a gentle sloping cut in their place.

I then cut around the front part of the neckline because these tanks have a lacy collar and I thought it could hold its own by itself. 

I then cut again on the front of the shirt, only farther down. It made it look sort of like a bib. 

I then cut it off the back of the shirt. You can cut farther down or closer to the collar. On my other scarves, I ended up cutting closer and liked it better.

Keep a hold of the bottom of your shirt; you'll be using that again later.  Now you have a piece that looks like this: 

I cut another strand (leaving it attached on the ends, of course) and pulled and twisted it.

Then I prepare to do a braid similar to the ones I did in my double braid tshirt upcycle tutorial. I cut slits all along the larger piece of fabric.

Try and avoid cutting to the edge of the fabric like I did. Though, if you do, mine still turned out okay.

Pull the second loop under the first and through the first hole and then down towards the other loops.

Get to braiding.

Instead of sewing the end of the braid, but two slits in your fabric.

Pull the flap of fabric that you just created through the last loop of your braid.

And tie it off. You can trim the extra fabric from the knot if you want, but I left mine. I thought it added a tad bit of frill.

 Here's what the top of your shirt has become:

Now, let's look back at the bottom of the shirt.

Trim it so you are left with only a rectangle.

Cut a portion of it almost to the end. WAKAWAKAWAKA

Then on the bottom part of the bigger portion of fabric, cut slits for another braid. Tie it off like you did for the top part of the shirt.

Then cut the upper part of this section into three tiny strands and stretch them out.

Now you're done!

I gave the white and black shirts different looks by cutting the bottoms differently. I didn't do the braid with either and gave more tiny slits. With the black one, I even cut a whole in the middle of one of the portions of fabric.

 I have to admit, I'm very pleased with my three scarves.

And do you know what the best part is? Mix and Match! 

Here's an awkward bathroom selfie to show how the make this one shirt have different vibes.

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