Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ten Fingers and Ten Toes

A week or two ago I did my fist newborn photography session. I was completely clueless what to do despite the fact that I had many tips from my photographer MIL and had spent many hours on Pinterest trying to get ideas. Despite my nerves, the mother was very patient with me. She was only hoping for a few shots to capture the moment of the baby girl's age.  The shoot went very smooth! The baby stayed awake the whole time and barely fussed. She had eyelashes for days and a personality bigger than her body!

There will be no faces today, but the mom assured me that there is a possibility I'll be able to show the pictures off in the future!


  1. Some of my favorite pictures of my children when they were babies actually don't show their faces. They are the things that will change so fast - hands, feet, toes, etc. My absolute favorite is one of my son's little hand grabbing my finger - the feelings that picture brings back are priceless. To this day, he still grabs my hand but I know that will not be that way forever so I cherish those moments.