Friday, December 18, 2015

New Blog, New Name, New Location

Hello followers of Little World Called Wonderland! It's been awhile, I know.

I lost inspirations with LWCW because I felt I was no longer posting about personal subjects - the whole reason I began the blog. I've since started a blog called The Nerd Wife's Life. I began it on Blogger and had months of posts scheduled, but today found out that Blogger deleted it for "spam". This of course was incorrect and unwarranted. I'll be moving this blog over to WordPress. You can find it >HERE<!!!

As of me writing this, it is unfinished and doesn't have any posts. I'm hoping to be able to retrieve my posts from Blogger, but I'm unsure if that will be able to happen. Not only did they lock anyone from viewing my posts, they locked me from accessing my own content. After years of being team-Blogger, I suddenly understand all the hate geared towards them. I will never use Blogger again.

Hope to see you over at The Nerd Wife's Life!
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Saturday, May 16, 2015


Jordandené, created by Jordan Dené, has taken the world by storm! If you're a fan of geekery themed clothing and accessories, then you've more than likely come across some of her work.With her items' edgy look, trademark font, and beautiful designs, they are hard to miss.

Jordan Dené first started her handmade journey in 2011 by opening an Etsy shop. After a move to the Big Apple she started to feel an itch for a creative outlet. The combination of nannying part-time and artists surrounding her created the perfect chemistry to jump start her need to express herself. As she learned that she loved to run her tiny business, she decided to made Jordandené her full-time job.

The cherry on top of Jordandené's grungy look is the metallic ink that can be seen on many of the items. To make it better, Jordan Dené's favorite pieces to create - the iconic screen printed products - are printed with eco-friendly ink. Don't forget the fairy dust, too. "Everything is better when it sparkles," says the shop owner.

Designing and creating clothes can be traced back to her very roots. She learned how to sew from her grandmother and 4H classes in elementary school. Everything else she learned through exploring online classes, books, and making use of friends.

When asked why it's important to shop handmade and small business, Jordan Dené hits the nail on the head when she says, "Shopping handmade is the only way for handmade products to exist. If we want to keep having the lovely world of high-quality, unique, story-driven products, we have to support the people who make them."

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Best Cat Scratcher for my Fluffs

I was browsing through Marshall's not too long ago when I came across a simple cat scratcher. There wasn't an actual label with a brand on it so I can't supply that. If anyone knows, please comment. However, I think it can easily be DIYed with some left over cardboard boxes! I tossed a little bit of catnip in it and within 24 hours my little ones were in love! My couches are so thankful!

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